Lincoln Grand Prix - Spring Cup Series - 13th May

Date: Sunday 13th May

Quote from DS Dean Downing: “Lincoln Grand Prix is a UK classic road race, with a 300 meter cobbled climb up to the line each lap, it’s a very tough finish. Add to this the winding narrow lanes which lead to the big wide road along the A57, it’s a hard race to judge. 13 laps on a short but challenging circuit always produces a great winner. We have Russ in the squad, who has won the event 4 times. Russ will be a key road captain for the riders who haven’t ridden this event in the past. The Lincoln always gets great crowds on the Michael Gate climb, we will be hoping for lots of support, for what is a local race for us, only 40 or so miles away from Rotherham.”

Rider List: Russ Downing, Seid Lizde, Damien Shaw, Tom Mazzone, Leon Mazzone, Jake Womersley, Mattia Viel

Course Map:

Lincoln GP - Spring Cup Series 13th May 2018

Lincoln GP – Spring Cup Series 13th May 2018