Holdsworth Roi De Velo Carbon Track Bike

Holdsworth dominated the UK race scene on the road during the 1970's and with the Roi de Velo we're hoping to replicate that success on the track.

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Product Description

The Roi de Velo is Holdsworth's first full-carbon Track Bike and its an absolute belter. Designed to get every last watt straight to the back wheel while helping you to cheat drag with smart tubing profile choices that slice through the air. Teardrop tube profiles and feature following frame curves combine to deliver outstanding aero efficiency.

The Roi de Velo uses the same hand lay-up carbon manufacturer process as the UCI approved Super Professional Team bike. Of course its significantly stiffer in all directions to maximise your pedalling efficiency to help you save those precious watts for your dive for the line. As you'd expect we've not scrimped in the BB area either, massively oversized tubes come together with the stiffest BSA threaded BB shell further extending your advantage.

The Roi de Velo breaks new ground for Holdsworth and we sincerely suspect that itll you break more than a few PBs on the boards.

Approximate weight: 7 kg
Seat clamp MUST be torqued correctly as indicated on the clamp area, using a torque wrench. We also recommend that carbon specific friction paste is applied to the seat post and inside of the seat tube prior to assembly and for every height adjustment.

NB: The Roi de Velo Track bike is designed for track racing only and should not be used on the road..