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Audax and Touring Bikes

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What is Touring?

The invention of the bicycle in 1817 opened up a new world of possibilities, as it gave normal people a new approach to independent travel. Every improvement to its design increased the distance a rider might cover on a single ride and cycling as a pastime was born. As the pastime developed different subcultures developed and with this came Bicycle touring.

Bicycle touring can be defined as a means of self-sufficient cycling trips for pleasure, adventure, and autonomy instead of sport, commuting or exercise. Touring is a fantastic way to travel, trips traditionally range from single day rides to expeditions that can last years...

What Makes a Good Touring Bike?

Frame design for touring bikes need to cater for the challenges that riding long distances presents. A good touring bike will have a compliant, comfortable and relaxed geometry. This geometry will also need to provide predictable handling and stability when the bike is loaded with luggage. Due to its physical properties, Steel is a very popular material for building touring frames. Steel is light and compliant, it absorbs road noise, creating a smoother and more comfortable ride.

To enable riders to go on longer rides, touring bikes need mounts to fix luggage to the frame. The luggage must be mounted safely and securely. These are known as pannier mounts. The use of disc brakes is becoming increasingly popular with touring cyclists, powerful brakes make stopping heavy load easier and safer.

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