Since 1922

“The choice of a new bike is awfully important isn’t it?

How much pleasure will be spoilt for you if your machine isn’t just what you want.
The cycles in this list are the outcome of my thirty years of cycling joys and I’m still an active cyclist.
You can therefore place your order in my hands and be sure of a satisfactory job.
If I wasn’t sure of the machines I build I wouldn’t supply them.”
W.F. Holdsworth, 1933


Rewind almost 100 years to the early 1920’s, and due to the hardships of World War One, good cycling clothing was hard to find. In 1922 an enterprising English couple had started a small mail order business filling this void, selling specialist cycling shorts and skirts to an eager public.

The business grew rapidly, and by 1930 Margaret Bryars and William Holdsworth (Sandy) had started to issue a free product catalogue known as “Aids to Happy Cycling”. This catalogue would go on to become a point of reference for cyclists of the time.

By this time Sandy had also taken over a cycling shop located at 132 Lower Richmond Road, Putney, London. This became the location that the Holdsworth frame and bike business would be born.

Over the years that followed, Holdsworth continued to evolve and grow. World War Two would cause supply shortages, as demand for cycles increased and the factory changed uses to assist with the war effort.

Always embracing modern production techniques, Holdsworth became recognised for their master frame builders and their commitment to quality materials such as Reynold HM and 531 steel tubes.

This enforced the brand’s desirability as the range of frames expanded and continued to increase popularity.


The Holdsworth Campagnolo professional team was formed in 1968. By 1970 the team had seen unparalleled performance and took the accolade of the number 1 UK professional team whilst riding custom made Holdsworth Professional frameset.

The professional team would go on to race the world’s biggest races. Holdsworth bikes would take on the climbs of the Tour De France and the cobbles of the biggest monuments such as the Paris Roubaix. During the 1970’s the team were dominant on the UK domestic scene and a force to be reckoned with.


After some uncertainty, the brand was acquired by Dave Loughran. Loughran, a self-confessed bike obsessed entrepreneur, has pushed to recapture the Holdsworth approach. Reigniting the brand’s passion with modern design and ensuring it’s longevity well into the 21st century.

Holdsworth has secured the only Reynolds 753 tubesets in existence (100 sets), to be custom built in the UK by master frame builder Mark Reilly.

In 2017, Holdsworth have a full range of bikes, parts, and accessories that have been painstakingly recreated to encapsulate the Great British Cycling Passion of the last 100 years, beautifully designed and built to ignite the imagination of the both new and old Holdsworth fans